Who We Are

Dear Scholarly members and guardians

Rastriya Bal Shiksha Sadan Secondary Boarding School, located at Kusma, Parbat providing quality education from its establishment (2044 B.S.) in Parbat district. It has achieved so many goals related to the field of education through new, experienced and up to date teaching techniques to the students. It is one of a forerunner private school in Parbat district of Dhaulagiri Zone.

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to Rastriya Bal Shiksha Sadan Secondary School accepting the fact that this foundation is off course due to the joint and supportive effort of all of us. We never keep the false words towards our students and guardians but we assure you that they will be the ideal citizens of the nation who will be capable of understanding this soil, be rational and innovative enough to solve their problems themselves. We strongly believe that this School will be a choice since it provides a rich theoretical academic learning along with practical knowledge. We are committed in tendering our well-disciplined learners and students in a good healthy competitive environment by the wise use of contextual educational materials and methodology to deliver creative and innovative education to their all-round development.

This institution, on the very path, is an esteemed academic center of your choice for the focused management studies.  Our school is accelerating to change. Excitements are with us when we are excited to join the agile and exciting contingent. We are confident that you will be lured by the richness of its permanency, safe infrastructure, dedicated team members and diverse offer to the students that your child will make a leap. In this regard, our whole team promises to collaborate our best ever obtained skills and efforts towards achieving brilliance in every walk of our scholars’ life at Rastriya Bal Shiksha Sadan Secondary Boarding School.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist all the students to attain their personal, educational and career goals using the latest technology and means in the shortest time, affordable fees and the most effective manner.